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The Gr8tful Dev Story

There's not much to tell, definitely some technical sophistication, which includes both "hard skills" like coding, command lines, and version control, and "soft skills" like guessing keyboard shortcuts, Googling error messages, and knowing when to just reboot...

If your looking for a coder who likes to get the job done and isn't afraid to get in amoungst the nuts and bolts, then say hello.


The Gr8tful Dev appeared one evening when a domian provider had a sale and the .dev tld was available. So knowing that a presence was required and some fun could be had. The Gr8tful Dev was born.

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Sinclair Spectrum

The year was 1985, the computer was a Sinclair Spectrum 48k.


The Gr8tful Dev was founded in 2020 by Mark Richards. He's been working in the software development field for a long time and still likes to code.

Mark Richards

Will try most things a few times. Especially riding motorbikes and surfing.